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About Us

Eagles House Global Resources

Eagles House Global Resources (EGHR) is an integrated marketing communications and production outfit that provides strategic planning, cutting edge productions, public relations, research-based communication solutions and marketing consulting services – each utilizing proven processes that have been refined and validated with proven records with different clients.

EGHR is the Group platform/firm of other companies like Street Creative Studio, a Lagos-based Creative factory cum commercial production house, it is a high quality TV and film cum content-driven commercial production company, inspired by the highly talented entertainment acts in Nigeria and across Africa, we saw the need to bring creativity, mobility and flexibility to the local production industry in Nigeria as well as form synergy/partnership with international production firms big and small around the globe. We remain dedicated to creating cutting edge content, television, film, production with a time-tested emphasis on putting our clients first. Also, TheatreMania African Concepts comes with a unique podium to showcase projects that places on its front burner African culture, ideas, expression and creativity using all forms of channels, platforms and tools to tell and re-tell the true African story on a global scale.

We are also into sales and installation of effective and efficient telecommunications gadgets like Two way Radio, Metal Detectors, Security Gadgets, Antenna etc. We offer secure and reliable customized communications gadgets to meet the needs of different brands/clients/markets. Our in-house experts are well trained to give the best of services and offer superior and technology driven solutions at any given time.

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  • We ignite a conversation around your brand
  • We create brand future and fortune
  • We add value and creativity to your story
  • We marry consumers to brands through insight, acumen and the power of strategic idea
  • We move brands deep into the hearts of customers, creating lifelong profitable relationships
  • We bring creativity, mobility and flexibility to content and storytelling thereby making global a local production
  • We provide the highest level of service on every assignment
  • We are committed to developing long-term relationships with our clients and building confidence and trust such that our clients will come to us again



To encourage a collaborative partnership with our clientele and in turn see our team as an essential extension of their business.



To become one of the biggest platforms in Africa with brand solution applications/mechanism.